S.Pellegrino Pop-Up: Ramen Obsession

In-PersonS.Pellegrino Pop-Up Venue, San Francisco


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
After living in Tokyo for the last 6 years and hundreds of amazing ramen experiences later, I returned a changed man. Ramen in Japan is its own culture, so coming back to SF's budding ramen scene has been one of the most difficult areas of readjustment. This meal is a culmination of many months of obsession, experimentation, and refinement. We finally have a bowl of ramen (Japanese wife approved) that we love eating and can't wait to share with other noodle lovers!

Menu detail

Deviled Ramen Egg
Marinated ramen egg, kewpie mayo, shichimi, umami powder, crispy anchovy, cracklin'
Small Plate
House made 2 day cured salmon flash smoked, roasted nori paste, dashi & egg yolks, wasabi-mountain potato, scallions, daikon sprouts, lime zest
Garlic chive and beansprouts, creamy sesame dressing, yuzu, burnt scallion oil
Small Plate
One bite Sukiyaki - thin sliced ribeye, chrysanthemum greens, enoki mushrooms, Sukiyaki-Jus
Homemade pickles: Yuzu sake Daikon & Dashi chili Celery
Truffle Chicken and Dashi
Small Plate
Double soup: clear 6 hour chicken stock, combined with our special dashi to provide body and finished with pinch of Truffle Salt. Served on the side with our Mazemen.
Dry Ramen (Ma-ze-men)
A splash of our 15 hour simmered chicken paitan broth mixed with tare, fermented chili sauce, homemade cured jalepeno-garlic-lime paste, and burnt scallion oil to form a special sauce thick enough to perfectly coat chewy medium thick wavy noodles. Topped with a 3 day marinated ramen egg, chashu of the day, simmered shiitakes, nori, cracklin, umami powder
Strawberry Matcha Pudding
Chilled Japanese style flan, strawberries 2 ways, matcha

S.Pellegrino Pop-Up: Ramen Obsession

In-PersonS.Pellegrino Pop-Up Venue, San Francisco
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