Noodle in a Haystack: Duck Shoyu & Foie Rice

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


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Medium (10-15 Guests)
Full disclosure, I've never enjoyed Shoyu ramen - it ranks low on my list of ramen preferences, but we've been recently experimenting with trying to build a bowl that we could enjoy. Generally, it tends to be very one note with the soy as the dominant and singular flavor that you either love or are indifferent about. Our version uses a double soup, 2 stocks made separately (chicken and 4 fish blend dashi), 2 yr cedar aged soy from Japan, and smoked fish oil

Menu detail

Deviled Ramen Egg
Chicken crackling, nori, shichimi, kewpie, salmon roe, umami powder, daikon pickle
Homemade pickles of the day
Small Plate
Sousvide & torched Foie gras served over Ubara Japanese rice, duck & foie fat, sofrito, shoyu, bonito flakes
Duck Shoyu Ramen
Double soup: Slow simmered duck broth & dashi made with umami rich shiitakes and konbu from Hokkaido and a blend of smoked dried Japanese fish. Shoyu tare: 2 year cedar aged Soy, concentrated pork belly 9hr braising stock Duck and foie gras fat infused with garlic, leek, ginger, 3 day marinated ramen egg, roasted duck breast, naruto, menma bamboo shoots
Strawberry Matcha FroYo
Homemade strawberry FroYo, Strawberry preserves, Matcha crumble


TW Pitchers Grapefruit + Blood Orange Radler

Noodle in a Haystack: Duck Shoyu & Foie Rice

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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