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Carlina Will is a Producer, Entrepreneur, On-Camera Talent, and Food Expert. Most recently she co-starred on the Disney+ show MUPPETS NOW cooking alongside the Muppets. Additionally, Carlina cooked with Mario Lopez on Access Hollywood.

Carlina started baking when she was 7 years old and immediately fell in love with it. EVERYONE at school enjoyed her sweet treats when she would bring them in. She started cooking a bit later in life when she got tired of eating school lunches. In college, she experimented in the kitchen and cooked for her parties instead of ordering pizza. Her friends didn’t complain!

Years later, Carlina is using her self-taught culinary skills to help make others’ cooking experiences easier. COOKING WITH CARLINA is more than a cooking show, it’s a community. Carlina creates budget friendly and quick recipes inspired from her Caribbean and Southern roots.

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