First Spring Roll Party of the Year

In-Person Westchase / Memorial, Houston


Medium (10-15 Guests)
Gluten Free
My Spring Roll parties are pretty epic! A plethora of proteins and veggies will be presented for you to grill table-side and you will learn how to create your own SPRING ROLLS! We'll use fresh ingredients, lots of non-traditional components like green apple, jicama, and mango and lots of fresh herbs and veggies along with shrimp, chicken breast and salmon. My family calls this dish "Bo Na," which means "ducking beef." Growing up, I never questioned why we called it this . . . when you're at the table and the butter is popping at you, you have to DUCK! :P In restaurants, this dish is better known as "Bò Nướng Vĩ." The camaraderie that builds while enjoying this adventure together is unmatchable! You make and eat as many as you want . . . the record is 8! You will be an expert roller by the end of the evening! Hope to see you at my table! Ain't no pahhty like a Spring Roll pahhty!

Menu detail

Spring Roll Components
This meal is different from other meals. Everything is presented family style and everyone participates in table side cooking and rolling! Spring Roll components include: rice Paper garlic onion rice vermicelli bean sprouts lettuce pickled carrots mints cilantro purple basil green apple, jicama, mango, plaintains Proteins will include: Sliced lemongrass chicken breast eye of round fresh salmon Chinese sausage butterflied shrimp portabella mushrooms 2 Dipping sauces will be served: Spicy Peanut Hoisin Nuoc Mam Cham (Vietnamese fish sauce)
Tropical Cooler
limeade, pineapple, vodka and club soda

First Spring Roll Party of the Year

In-Person Westchase / Memorial, Houston
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