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Dan Crane
Los Angeles, CA


Dan Crane is a journalist, author, comedian, host, musician, and competitive air-guitarist (retired).

He is the author of “To Air is Human: One Man’s Quest to Become the World’s Greatest Air Guitarist” (Riverhead Books, 2006), and the co-star of the award-winning documentary, Air Guitar Nation.

In 2004, Crane gave up his career as an educational software producer to pursue his dual dreams of becoming a journalist, and the world’s best air guitarist. He succeeded at one of them.

Under the nom d’air Björn Türqoue (pronounced to-RAWK), he competed in numerous competitions, repeatedly coming in second place. Though he was never crowned a world air guitar champion, Crane/Türoque retired in 2005 and became the official “Master of Airemonies” for the annual US, and World Air Guitar Championships.