Flynn Din

In-PersonLand Park, Sacramento


Banquet (20+ Guests)
This dinner is an ode to the fabulous family of foodies and long time friends, the Flynns. It has been a delight to be able to share several culinary experiences with each member of this family since a young age (and I look forward to many more). This meal will feature 2 components of the location in which it takes place- the produce of the farm to fork capitol aka Sacramento and the wood fired outdoor oven which has produced some of the best pizza and bread in the city.

Menu detail

Vegetarian Stuffed batbout (flatbread)
Small Plate
North African spiced peppers and spinach are cooked down with ground almonds to concentrate flavor and then folded into thin dough and fired in a wood oven.
Mixed bean salad
Small Plate
Mixture of fresh local beans (romano, fava, honestly whatever looks good!) cooked until tender and dressed with Dill infused vinegar, preserved lemon, toasted cumin, baby mustard greens.
Local Salad
Small Plate
With such a wonderful bounty of ingredients in the Sacramento Valley I couldn't imagine this meal without a couple salads. This is a placeholder for a special salad to be determined based on my trip to the farmers market.
Summer Squash Gratin with Ancho mole
Small Plate
A variety of local squashes are roasted and layered with cheese and a savory red mole sauce and baked.
Roast Duck stuffed with Apricots and Saffron Rice
Duck is brined and slow roasted with a savory saffron rice stuffing and finished in the wood fired oven for crispy skin.
Stone Fruit and Cream
A mixture of Plums, Pluots, and peaches (or whatever is ripest at the market) roasted in the hot wood fired oven and drizzled with a mint creme anglaise
Moroccan Mint tea

Flynn Din

In-PersonLand Park, Sacramento
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)