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Minneapolis, MN


Chef Daniel del Prado was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his culinary career in Colorado—cooking at night and snowboarding during the day. He then moved to Minneapolis where he had the opportunity to work in some of the finest kitchens in town, including La Belle Vie and Solera. In 2009 he teamed up with his mentor, Isaac Becker, to open Bar La Grassa. After a very successful year at Bar La Grassa, del Prado worked in Portland, Oregon, and broadened his experience in high-caliber European kitchens. Upon his return to Minneapolis, he again partnered with Becker as the executive chef of Burch Steak and Pizza Bar, which opened in Uptown in 2013. Martina opened in the winter of 2017 and Colita in the fall of 2018. Martina has since landed on several Best New Restaurant lists and earned the highest possible, four-star review from the Star Tribune.