Gnudi: Part one of my Gluten Free and Home Made Ricotta Italian food class series.

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Gluten Free
Allergic to gluten and miss eating delicious Italian Pasta? During this series of online classes Chef Daniel will show you how to make many different Italian food staples that are completely gluten free and just as delicious as regular pastas. Number one in the series is ricotta gnudi, which actually benefit from being gluten as the challenge in making them with regular flour is that gluten can make them tough. Chef Daniel will first guide you in making ricotta from scratch using very simple ingredients: just milk and buttermilk. Then we will use the ricotta to make the dough and shape them into beautiful, supple gnudi, then finish them either with a very light butter and sage sauce or home made pesto, your preference.

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Gluten free and home made ricotta gnudi with butter and sage sauce or pesto
We begin by making home made ricotta, using milk and buttermilk. Then we use this ricotta, gluten free flour and egg yolks to create the most supple, pillowy gnudi, then finish them in either a light butter and sage sauce or freshly made pesto (your choice). For the gnudi we will be use Chef Daniel's favorite gluten free flour from Bob's Red Mill, which contains rice, tapioca and sorghum flours and a bit of xantham gum. Gnudi benefit from being gluten free as gluten can make them tough.