Argentine Empanadas with an Argentine Chef

LivestreamSan Francisco, CA


Let Chef Daniel Morduchowicz transport you to Argentina, land of tango and many other passions! During this cooking class you will learn how to make empanadas from scratch, including the dough. We will also make 2 different traditional fillings: beef, and spinach with bechamel and cheese. Chef Daniel will then show you how to finish the empanadas using traditional "repulgues", designed to let your guests know which type of empanada they will be eating. Finally we will cook them, both in the oven and deep fried in a way that is absolutely crisp and non-greasy. Along the way Chef Daniel will share many cooking skills which can help you improve your performance in the kitchen.

Menu detail

Beef empanada
Chef Daniel will guide you through making his version of this most traditional of fillings and closing it with the "repulgue", a special way of closing the empanada that let's everybody know what it is filled with.
Spinach empanada
For the vegetarians among you, and even if you are all carnivores, Chef Daniel will show you how to make a delicious spinach and bechamel filling. Also how to shape your empanada to let everyone know what's inside.
Empanadas dough
Chef Daniel will show you how to make a really easy version of the empanada dough that takes only 4 ingredients.