Los Angeles, CA


Self made entrepreneur. Chef. Overall creative. Social media creator. Dog lover. World traveler.

I started my first business at 19, failed hard and fast, started my next business Born From The Lime Truck, focusing on high quality sustainable Tex - Mex at 20, went on to win some wild accolades including, Best Restaurant, and Food Network’s Food Truck Race, and leveraged that to open our first brick and mortar in 2012 in Los Angeles.

I opened my dream fine dining Japanese Yakitori restaurant, Hatch Yakitori + Bar in Downtown LA. Through this entire process, I saw demand to cater for A-List Celebs and high profile customers so I launched a full scale catering company, Modern Art Catering Brands. In 2020 after working for 4 years on conception, and revisions, I launched Snibbs Footwear focusing on hospitality, healthcare, anyone standing on their feet for long periods of time, which came out of my realization that there needed to be a better chef shoe.

Keep dreaming, be passionate, and never stop creating.



Founder//Chef/Operator of
@modernartcatering brands