Unique Tacos and Salsas - Impress your senses

LivestreamLos Angeles, CA


mexican, californian
Gluten Free
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"What a time to be alive. for you and yours, and me and mine" Drake said best, but Chef Daniel Shemtob will bring it home. It's time to have some amazing salsas and tacos that bring a uniqueness that you won't find at your local taqueria. We are going to be making seasonal salsas and unique tacos that make your mouth drool. From the summer smokey peach salsa to the deep and rich plum pulled chicken, your guests will be left wondering just how you were able to make something so different. These tacos will have the people going... its provocative! The menu will be: Plum Pulled Chicken Breasts Summer Peach Salsa Zesty Lime Slaw Elote Skillset needed - Medium. Its not too difficult but we will be blending a few things to make all the sauces.