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Daniel SoskolneNEW MAKER!

New York, NY


I've been cooking for the past 10 years around the world. Origanally from Jerusalem, at the age of 22 I staged in a small restaurant on the island of Ischia, Southern Italy for a year and a half where I was introduced with really high quality local produce as well as a great love for cooking and eating.
I continued cooking in Israel as a sous-chef and a pastry chef at a couple of restaurants after which I moved to Barcelona, Spain to further my knowledge. I worked there as a baker at an organic bakery that uses mainlly ancient grains in a very traditional and slow method.
I then moved to Adelaide, Australia where I began my Masters in the Arts of Gastronomy. An academic introduction into the history, sociology and much more of the food and beverage world.
After I finished my studies I came bake to Israel where I worked in the most exciting restaurant in Tel-Aviv: Salon. An experimental restaurant opened only twice a week sourcing all our ingridients ourselves.
I moved to NY last summer with my wife who's doing her Masters degree. I am currently working at a place called Market, in Ditmus Park as well as working on a bigger project that will hopefully take place this summer.