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Dave DanhiNEW MAKER!

Los Angeles, CA


Dave Danhi has been part of the Los Angeles restaurant scene in some form or another for the last 35 years. Starting out at the local pizza joint, he realized his passion for food. As soon as the chains of high school were lifted, he relocated back to New York to hone his culinary skills. After spending a year in upstate NY, he decided to move back to the sunny beaches of So. Cal. Upon his return he started working with King's Seafood Company and worked his way up from grill cook to the Sr. Sous Chef position at this company's prestigious steak house concept. After 5 years with KSC he became the Exec. Chef at the famous Roxbury Supper club in Hollywood, feeding the Hollywood elite. After a few years at Roxbury he took over the Exec. Chef position at Georgia restaurant, also in Hollywood. At Georgia Dave received numerous accolades including the Robert Mondovi Award of Culinary Excellence (naming him one of the country's top rising star chefs in 1994), best restaurant of the year for 1993 in numerous magazines including Bon Appetit, Esquire and Travel and Leisure, and best crab cakes in Los Angeles two years in a row. Having met his goals and challenges there he moved on and was the opening chef at Habana Restaurant in Costa Mesa, a Nuevo Latino restaurant with a Cuban flair. Within 8 months Habana received best new restaurant in Orange County for 1995. Feeling that he 'sewed his wild oats' with the independent restaurants, he returned to Kings Seafood Company and worked his way up to the Company Executive Chef position. Once returning to KSC, Dave was the Executive Chef at the now Michelin stared Water Grill restaurant.
In 2005 Dave bought DD Factor, a hospitality recruiting company that has been in LA since 1959 and has been an integral part of finding management for southern California restaurants. In 2009, he competed in the 7th annual Grilled Cheese Invitational, a grilled cheese competition that over 10,000 people flock to yearly. This was his ‘ah ha’ moment and realized that he was going to open the world’s first grilled cheese truck. The truck has been embraced locally as well as internationally with numerous accolades including “Best Food Truck” over 10 times. He and the truck have had countless television appearances, locally and internationally. Dave’s Melts have appeared on numerous list, naming them some of the best grilled cheese creations in the country.
Dave's true passion when he's not cooking is helping chefs grow their career by placing them in kitchens that match not only their culinary skills but a venue that is a perfect personality fit.