David Chan
Daly City, CA


David Chan is a Civil Engineer from Sacramento, food science buff, and the creator of the ramen blog and instagram, Nichijou Ramen (@nichijou.ramen). Nichijou (日常) roughly translates to “Everyday” or “Day by Day”, which perfectly describes what ramen means to him. When he is not thinking about designing streetscapes, his mind is on ramen. Nichijou Ramen is his day by day culinary journey to investigate the delicious bowls out there from an engineering perspective.

David’s passion for ramen started on a trip to New York over 10 years ago where he had his first bowl. In order to recreate his Ramen experience from the City that never sleeps, he began developing his recipes while using food science as the foundation, from measuring dissolved solids to calculating the salt content. He is looking forward to sharing the bowls that he crafted for everyone.