david robicheau
Long Beach, CA


Shady Groves' philosophy of BBQ and its approach to food is based on, “how I feel at the time”. Having traveled throughout North and South America our appreciation of many types and styles of food has developed a tremendous food pallet to work from. With that Shady Grove considers using smoke as a flavor rather than a style, this allows for more innovation.
When deciding what you can bring to a dish it is nice to be able to draw on all your influences. We live in an exciting time and place for food. Long Beach and Southern California has a tremendous volume of food traditions and styles to draw from. By listening and combining a vast collection of influences Shady Grove Food has been given a great gift.
Shady Grove Foods incorporates many French cooking techniques. When you understand French is not just French, you open many new possibilities. French cooking includes the influence of New Orleans, Bayou home cooking, and south East Asia as well. With the addition of smoke can allow for a richer and more interesting flavor platform.
Mexican cooking for Shady Grove Foods is primarily inspired by New Mexico Cuisine. The Chilies forms Mew Mexico in my opinion are the best. Gypsy stew pisole carneys adovada all with a smoke component excites me just to talk about. Enchiladas take on a new flare with smoked chicken or pork. Smoked Baracoa goat and lamb comprise some of my favorite tacos.
If you haven’t had smoked osso buco or leg of lamb smoked with potato and artichoke you need to try it. Marinara combines with our home smoked bacon creates truly one of the greatest bolognas combinations you will ever have