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San Francisco, CA


Growing up in a Latin Caribbean household, my passion for cooking goes all the way back to when I was a young boy playing in my grandma’s kitchen. I would spend many summers with her in the Dominican Republic, taking in the tropical air and all the diverse smells and tastes of the market and into her kitchen.

As an adult, I starting experimenting and researching everything I could find on different cultures and their culinary heritage. This inspired me traveled all over the world seeking out foods and flavor from many places including Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, India, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Peru and parts of the Caribbean to name a few. On my return to NYC, I started catering and cooking for small companies, and even help opening up a Caribbean cafe with a very close friend.

My attraction to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine has been a focus of my cooking style, because of the variety of regional flavors and accessibility of fresh ingredient that allow for a diverse range of dishes. I weave together these culinary connections with a modern twist without losing the diverse colors of each thread.

I moved out to California in 2012 and continued to cook privately for selected clients, friends and small groups - even catered meals for several Burning Man camps. I’ve also trained in both Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, so this has influenced my healthy approach to cooking and the medicinal qualities of food. My intention is to share my intimate knowledge of cooking from all these experiences, with others.