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Austin, TX


Lori Bergeron

Lori was born and raised in Louisiana and then Texas. She moved to Austin in 2008 for culinary school and did most of her formal training at Uchi Austin. She also worked at Austin favorites, 24 Diner and Fixe. Trained in the art of handmade pasta, Japanese cuisine and with her flare for Southern inspired cuisine, Lori hopes to refine her creativity through manipulating the food that is best through the seasons.

Anthony Nicaj

Anthony moved to Austin in 2012 and began cooking in professional kitchens shortly thereafter. His most influential mentors were the creators of Barley Swine and the Odd Duck restaurant. He co-created and ran Gather and Forge, a personal chef company for a year before delving into De la Terre with Lori. With this venture, he seeks to refine his cooking and brush up on his business acumen.