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Deanna DellaCioppa ColonNEW MAKER!

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, USA


A daughter of Italian immigrants and a successful 42 year, Mom & Pop Italian Restaurant in Boston, Deanna was practically born in the kitchen. She spent over half of her life within the family business, learning from both of her parents.

In the family home, her Father's annual garden filled their kitchen with fresh vegetables and fruits. Deanna learned the value of freshness in cooking - the difference fresh herbs make to any dish. How a garden tomato will always taste better than one from the market and the pride in watching it grow from seed to table. Her parents handed down generations of recipes and taught her all of the southern Italian favorites. Those recipes are the same Deanna uses to cook for her family and friends today.

Family values are so important to Deanna's heritage, so therefore, when you are in her home and in her kitchen, you are family and that is what her Feastly experience will provide.

Deanna has a successful career in the entertainment industry but food has always been a passion. Thanks to the pop up concept, she is now able to share it with the world.