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San Francisco, CA


Classically trained Chef with a passion for California's bountiful produce and anything Asian. Food to me is what pulls my heart strings, nothing evokes memory and emotions than what I'm smelling and tasting. I was raised in Bali, Indonesia and there are so many scents and nuances in their cooking, I try to bring that same eating experience in my food. I began cooking since I was a toddler, just old enough to pick bean sprouts and cleaning shrimps with the fam. While my Mother loves eating out and often takes me to many popular street vendors in Indonesia, we've traveled far and wide for food! My Mom was the 90's proto-foodie. They implemented my first and still undying love to good food.
I want to dig deeper to my roots and represent Indonesian food in a way that is both approachable and adventurous. Using my professional cooking background and my family's recipes, will definitely make an exciting dining experience.