Rijsttafel: Indonesian Rice Table

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
BYOW,Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
Gluten Free
Rijsttafel is a Dutch word that literally translates to "rice table", is an elaborate meal consists of many dishes. It is so they could enjoy a wide array of dishes at a single setting but also to impress visitors with the exotic abundance of their colony. As a pop up we strive to feature an array of not only flavors and colors and degrees of spiciness but also textures. Also staying true as we can to use original ingredients.

Menu detail

Corn Fritters
Sweet summer corn, shallots, turmeric, coriander seeds, eggs and rice flour. Deep fried, accompanied with optional Belachan chili sambal.
Blistered Green Beans
Small Plate
Long green beans sauteed in a hot wok, tossed in sesame oil and shallot dressing along with charred bell pepper sauce.
Coconut Rice
Individually wrapped steamed Jasmine Rice. Cooked in Coconut water and seasoned with lemongrass oil.
Lamb Shank Gulai
Gulai is a type curry from the Sumatra region in Indonesia. Known to have a mild spicy flavor, it has more heat than other Indonesian curries. Whole lamb shank slowly braised in coconut milk, candlenut oil, galangal and bird's eye chilies. Savory, fall off the bone goodness.
Fried Cornish Game Hen
The bird is slowly cooked in coconut water with spices and herbs, to break down the meat and bones. leave overnight and then deep fried to attain crispiness on the outside, yet easy to pull apart.
Grilled Pompano Fish
Grilled whole Pompano Fish that has been marinating overnight in crushed garlic and coriander seeds. Accompanied with lime, sweet soy sauce.
Avocado Ice Cream and Strawberries
A very common sweet snack you can get from any Indonesian street food vendors.

Rijsttafel: Indonesian Rice Table

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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