Los Angeles, CA


Chef Denise Vallejo is an indigenous chef with an extensive background in the occult sciences
and Curanderismo (Mexican folk medicine).

Chef Denise's passion shines through the reverence she holds for indigenous ingredients & the mystical concepts she applies to her edible creations. Her journey of self-knowledge & creative expression through the culinary arts has impacted her in powerful ways, inspiring her to share the rediscovered & catalyzing ancestral foodways she celebrates through her culinary project Alchemy Organica.

Activated by a message she downloaded the night of a pivotal Blood Moon in 2015, Chef Denise received the vision behind Alchemy Organica. Alchemy Organica is a lifestyle brand, pop-up kitchen, and retail product line inspired by the gastronomic heritage & plant wisdom of ancient Mexico. Alchemy Organica focuses on healing modalities through the use of plants combined with mystic philosophy, merging her natural culinary talent with her dedication to self-improvement & the metaphysical arts.

Chef Denise's food is offered as a testimony, celebrating the ancestral flavors of Mesoamerica & highlighting the resiliency of its ancient plant wisdom. Through re-indigenizing culturally relevant dishes, Chef Denise's mission is to provide the community with organic, high -frequency, VISIONARY PLANT FOOD that nourishes both body and spirit.