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Derek Short
New Maker!
Glendale, AZ


I was born & 'bread' in my parent's bakery & restaurant in Northern Iowa. Frosting donuts before school since first grade. Friday's were my favorite because that meant I could stay up all night with the bakers. Then I graduated to the kitchen, waiting tables and even making wholesale bread deliveries long before I had my drivers license. I would eventually run that 5,000 sq/ft operation while my parents took off for their annual vacation. This upbringing led me directly to the mecca of Food & Wine...The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Where I graduated in 1992.

I've remained in the food & baking industry ever since. My experiences have taken me from a Mom & Pop bakery/café, to high end in-home private catered dinner parties, to large (and I mean large!) wholesale bakeries to the finest artisan bread & pastry shops around. I find myself happiest when I'm in front of my baby weber cooking & entertaining for friends and family.

Some of my regionally famous items:
Hand-made pasta, grilled pizzas, tailgate tacos (you want that invite!), fresh from my garden rosemary & garlic rubbed thick cut bone-in pork chop...grilled of course. For the sweet tooth, don't miss the Short familys' Almond Yardsticks!

To me the best dining experiences are those that include a table of interesting people, incredible memory-making dishes, paired with craft cocktails, beer or wine, music and a magical setting. 'Magical' can have many meanings and could be anything from a well-lit backyard, a beautifully set dining room table indoors or the parking lot of your local stadium.

My 'last meal & guests' (I always like to ask this for new guests at our house) would be:
Fresh baked corn tortilla chips & my homemade guacamole served with Stone Cali-Belgique. Followed by a grilled porterhouse medium rare & loaded baked potato, skip the veggies. Served with a well aged Napa Cabernet. Dessert: The Lemon Lime Brown Sugar Meringue Tart from Mustard's in Napa. Guests: Andrea (My Love), Johnny Cash, Travis Pastrana, Rick Bayless, Chris Rock & Cartman (from Southpark.)