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Los Angeles, CA


Derrick Fox (aka Derrick Peltz) is a professional drummer turned Chef. Born in Fort Myers, Florida, and living in Los Angeles for the past 10 years, Derrick has toured as a drummer for numerous acts, on some of America's biggest stages. As long as he can remember, Derrick has also had a natural talent and love for food. In late 2014, Derrick decided to submit for a chance to compete on the world's biggest cooking competition, MasterChef. Not only was Derrick the 'fan favorite' of Season 6, he proved week after week (as the show aired) that his artistic food, risk-taking, and dynamic personality would lead to a huge career in the culinary world. After completing MasterChef Season 6 as runner-up, Derrick has traveled across the United States doing personal appearances, judging cooking competitions, as well as cooking for high-profile events and recognized clients. Chef Derrick's pop up dinners offer you the opportunity to enjoy delicious and visually impressive dishes. The food is a fusion of his unique journey, inspired from childhood memories, MasterChef experiences, and his bring you a taste of the Rock 'n' Roll life style!