Santa Cruz, CA


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina I grew up within a vegetarian/macrobiotic family. At the time, healthy food options were very boring and bland —a defining influence on my now rebelliously vibrant and diverse cuisine.

Originally, I sought a career in theater, and at 22 decided to travel throughout Latin America in search of work, ending up in Mexico. To get there, I ate my way through Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and other countries, awakening my curiosity about Latin American food and indigenous ingredients, and decisively making me a performer of culinary art instead of theater art.

In Buenos Aires, I began bartending in Palermo, and cooking for my roommates in the communal house Los Elephantes. Realizing my potential talent and passion, I studied at Buenos Aires Natural Chef and worked at Dominga, gaining invaluable technical skills.

In 2003, I opened my own vegetarian delivery business, which I ran for a couple of years. Meanwhile, I met my future wife, who was on a study abroad exchange semester from California, and we moved to San Francisco together. There, I discovered a style of cooking integrated with the land and farmers, a holistic view of gastronomy. I ended my Californian resumé at Millennium, working under Eric Tucker, the guru of vegan cuisine.

A few years later, we moved back to Buenos Aires wanting to learn and research anything edible the southern continent had to offer. We created Casa Felix in 2007 as a way to share and showcase their findings and experiences.

Since then, I have become passionate about the cuisine of his region, using my work in the kitchen to support small-scale producers, and constantly researching the flavors and culinary knowledge of South America.

I am a part of the international Slow Food movement and incorporate the philosophy into my daily work.