Chicago, IL


Dietrich’s food features the best of local, seasonal, and sustainable in delicious vegetarian style. You’ll see plenty of robust, complete meals from whole grains and ripe fruits & vegetables, to activated, sprouted, and fermented foods for enzyme and gut health. We’ll enjoy culinary traditions from across the globe, and learn tools and techniques from each cuisine in turn. Complete nutrition offers a wide variety of incredible tastes and surprising flavors, including principles from Ayurveda (India’s ancient herbal medicine and sister science to Yoga), as well as the most current state of affairs from holistic & scientific research. Simple ideas help to heal body and mind, and we’ll see a focus on anti-inflammatory foods and reducing some of the typical allergens that leads to difficult digestion, discomfort, and disease. You’ll come away feeling full, energized, invigorated, and light!

Edible Alchemy Foods was founded in 2009 as a community building project centered around local, seasonal, and sustainable foods. Facilitating nourishment for transformation, connection, and self-healing through workshops, playshops, retreats, underground dinners, and mobile kitchens! Based in Chicago in the creative hands of Andrea Mattson and Dietrich McGaffey, Edible Alchemy can be found throughout the US and across the world to dive deeply into the amazing variety of global culinary traditions steeped in vegetarian delights. Find us online at and @eafoods!