Roza: A Seven Course Tasting Menu | Modern Bulgarian Cuisine

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Named after Bulgaria's national flower, the rose, or roza, this tasting menu is inspired by Bulgaria's rich history, culture, and seasonally focused cuisine. Chefs Dimitar and Ashley have modernized some of the most famous and authentic Bulgarian recipes to bring you a truly unique fine dining experience.

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banica with beurre noisette cultured butter
One of the most notable savory pastries in the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, Banica (pronounced BA-NIT-SA), is a favorite, and treasured food among the Bulgarian people. Our version stays true to it's origins, constructed of a thin flaky Filo dough and filled with a creamy mixture of Bulgarian yogurt, eggs and Bulgarian feta cheese. Our twist introduces the combination of the banica with caramelized, goat and cow butter sprinkled with fine green herbs.
tarator supa with sage oil
A refreshing course served chilled, Tarator (pronounced TARAH-TOR), is traditionally served with cucumber cubes, toasted walnuts, and garnished with dill. Our take on this delicious soup includes the traditional Bulgarian yogurt base, which has been seasoned and marinating for 24 hours. We serve it with slices of serpent cucumber and red radish (compressed with champagne vinegar and honey), a frozen dill granita, chili almond, smoked maldon salt and sage oil.
shopska salata with summer vegetables + black olive powder
Small Plate
Ask any Bulgarian about a typical Bulgarian meal and you're likely to get "Shopska" salad as one of their responses. The vegetables included in shopska salad vary depending on the season - tonight our's will be based on the summer version which highlights heirloom tomatoes, persian cucumbers, and Bulgarian Sheep's milk cheese, from forest brine.
crispy egg with runny yolk + smokey, cured trout roe
Small Plate
Farm egg gently poached inside the shell, peeled, and covered with herbed bread crumbs. Fried until golden brown, its accompaniments include whipped creme fraiche, parmigiano-regiano, trout roe, smoked paprika and chives.
moussaka with tomato fondue + frozen yogurt
Our version of Bulgarian moussaka features a slowly braised beef ragout with root vegetables and tomato fondue, smoked eggplant puree, charred potato confit (cooked in chicken fat), pickled yellow mustard seeds, and a side of frozen Bulgarian yogurt with mascarpone and peppercorn.
rose water macaron with a ginger + rakia palette cleanser
Rakia is Bulgaria's national drink. It's quite (read: very) strong, and Bulgarians often joke that others are not able to handle it's strength and effects. We pair a light splash of it with fresh ginger, blood orange juice, and sparkling mineral water, for a gentle palette cleanser. Our drink is paired with a pre-dessert bite, our signature rose water macaron.
garash with strawberry semifreddo, walnut tuile + fermented strawberry gel
Garash is a traditional Bulgarian dessert that is made out of a walnut flour and egg white batter (so naturally gluten free). These crispy cake layers are then stacked between layers of dark chocolate ganache and finished with a dark chocolate glaze and crushed pistachios. Our version is inspired and elevated by the summer's seasonal bounty, and comes together through components of strawberries, yogurt, brown butter, walnuts, and dark chocolate.

Roza: A Seven Course Tasting Menu | Modern Bulgarian Cuisine

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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