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Dish Culture Supper Club

SoMa, San Francisco, CA, USA


Dish Culture is a social dining club that brings together adventurous diners who are looking for something different from the conventional restaurant experience. Our soirees bring together groups of interesting friends or strangers around a common table to share cuisine prepared by Chefs Sacha Kupelian and Lamont Perriman.

Our food is a fusion of Italian, French, Pan-Asian, Southern Comfort, Middle Eastern and California Cuisine focusing on using locally grown and traditionally farmed meats, vegetables, artisan dairy products and more. We offer top quality food and service with none of the pretentiousness found within most fine dining establishments. An evening with us will seem more like a dinner party than a restaurant.

So, you fans of innovative cuisine who are looking to step out of your traditional culinary comfort zone for an evening, come join the Dish Culture Supper Club. It's a little bit exclusive, a little bit supper club and a whole lot of creativity.

Chef Sacha Kupelian currently works as a private chef and is a member of the team for acclaimed Chef Howard Ko. Chef Lamont Perriman is the Executive Chef and owner of Montperi Catering and Events, specializing in the private events sector.

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