Delicate Vegetarian: An Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

In-PersonNorthridge Fashion Center, Northridge


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Organic, Vegetarian
Spice up your date night with a cooking class and prepare a love meal that peppers in a little romance to the experience! Rolling solo?!? That just adds to the fun! Invite your crush or get matched up with a sweet single, and see if your pairing goes as well as wine & cheese. This vegetarian meal features ingredients that are known for their aphrodisiac properties - after all, who says the romance has to end when the dinner does?

Menu detail

Crostini with Honeyed Figs, Goat Cheese + Fresh Basil
Figs are a fundamental part of the aphrodisiac family. They contain an unusually high concentration of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants which help strengthen and prolong desire. Mixed with cheese - which not only boasts an all-star line-up of phenylethylamine (PEA) but also sweetens the saliva for smooching.
Crispy Garlic Parmesan Noodle with Fresh Lemon & Herbs
Did you know that garlic is a powerful aphrodisiac? Unlike most aphrodisiac foods, garlic is one that both lovers must eat for its magical properties to manifest powers of romance. Parmesan cheese also contains significant quantities of this unequivocal aphrodisiac. The sexual power of histamine is seen most clearly in its use as an extreme remedy for a drooping libido. Elevated histamine levels are also consistent with a high sex drive and increased awareness.
Chocolate-Honey Proposition with Fresh Lavender
Made with virgin coconut oil, chocolate, honey and lavender, this desert will rock your world. Chocolate is another much-hyped heavyweight of the aphrodisiac world. Notorious ladies’ man, Casanova, declared it the 'elixir of love' whilst French courtesans perked up their drunken clients with restorative pots of chocolatey goodness.


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Delicate Vegetarian: An Aphrodisiac Cooking Class

In-PersonNorthridge Fashion Center, Northridge
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