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Donna AdamsNEW MAKER!

Las Vegas, NV


I believe that food brings people together and helps to create community. When people gather at a communal table and share a meal, something special happens--we are feeding our bodies and our souls.

My mission is to bring people together through food, to teach people how easy and delicious nourishing food can be, and to help them recreate that shared experience with their friends.

I currently work as a personal chef, helping my clients with anything from weekly cooking to special events to cooking classes. I love this job because it allows me to do what I love most--cooking and sharing--and make a living at the same time. As fun as this is, my friends in the food and beverage industry often crave the opportunity to be creative and create amazing feasts, and we want to share that experience with all of Las Vegas. We cannot wait to share an evening with Feastly members!