DIY Diwali Lanterns Workshop

LivestreamNew York, NY


Celebrate Diwali by making your own traditional lanterns, called Kandils. You will get the chance to craft a colorful lantern from paper and tissue paper that you can hang as part of your Diwali decorations. Note they will not have light or be able to be lit. For an interactive experience, we recommend adding on the Lantern Kit for an additional cost, which will have the materials needed for this class with a few exceptions (scissors, glue stick and stapler will not be included in the kit). We will ship out the kit once participant is registered and confirms their mailing address. This will be a fun and educational workshop. We hope to see you there. This workshop will be led by Mitesh @DesiMeetsDesign and cohosted by Shivani @DoseOfShivs. Mitesh was featured on HGTV and shares many design projects on his Instagram page.


DIY Lantern Kit: Includes materials needed to make 3 lanterns