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Ebrahim BandookwalaNEW MAKER!

Washington, DC


Cooking what people call fusion anything! I've grown up cooking, however staying in this country for over 9 years has changed me and my cooking! I didn't go to a culinary school but learnt the how to's from Food TV. I draw my inspiration from restaurant menus, Iron chef, travel journals & my own travel experiences and most importantly my upbringing in a foodie family. I look forward to welcoming you to my home for a feast.

More about something the recent things I've made at :

Also on twitter @ebrahimb / Instagram @ebandook

An introduction from a recent charity food competition in DC :
Our second chef-testant for the day is Ebrahim, a self-proclaimed foodie/gastronaut/traveler/software developer/consumer-electronics enthusiast who wants to travel the world one bite at a time. He has a passion for food history/food anthropology and preserving recipes from his grandmothers, but also wants to create dishes that are fascinating to him.

Ebrahim wants to use this opportunity to showcase food from his tiny community in Bombay. His dish will be a mix of Fatimid, Yemeni, and Gujarati cuisines.