Portland, OR


Expression is in my nature. I've always found enjoyment in creating things.
I spent a few years in art school… then a few years in music school… all the while working in kitchens.
As I searched, trying to find a proper medium of expression, I noticed my perspective of food always remained constant – celebrate the past, embrace the future.
I began to look back on how food played an important role in my life as I was growing up. I remember watching my Mom, Aunties, & Grandma cook food for our family, while outside at the grill were Dad & Uncles. The oven baking and roasting… burners stewing and frying… the grill, beautifully charring the focal point of the meal.
Always present is community, family, and love.
I attended culinary school in 2003, and have been pushing forward ever since.
In 2010, after taking several professional jobs in kitchens, I opened PDX671 – a food cart in Portland, Oregon, serving cuisine from Guam – honoring my Chamorro culture's adaptability to the world.
My heartfelt approach to cooking great food has propelled PDX671 to gain recognition and credibility through publications on Guam and here in the States.
From fire and smoke, ocean and earth, my Chamorro cooking style comes from the celebration of the past and the excitement of possibilities.