Pacific Northwest Island Grill

Inner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase,BYOW,Provided
Banquet (20+ Guests)
chamorro, north american, barbecue
Feast with dishes that bring your celebration to a beautiful beach in the Pacific Ocean through flavors delivered from the island of Guam, while incorporating the abundance of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Whether you prefer family-style or plated meals, this menu will offer your party a carefully curated and delightful dining experience.

Menu detail

Select One Appetizer
Kelaguen Uhang yan Titiyas Mai'es || spicy Chamorro ceviche of shrimp and coconut, with fried corn achote flatbread chips Tinala Katne yan Titiyas Harina || cured, smoked brisket, coconut milk flatbread, arugula, roasted garlic-olive oil Atulen Elotes || coconut milk, corn soup with chicken Lumpia || ground pork, green bean, carrot, vermicelli noodles, garlic-black pepper vinegar sauce Boñelos Uhang || fritter of shrimp, corn, peas, and carrots, garlic-black pepper vinegar sauce
Select One Protein for Main Entrée
All selections are seasoned in our Chamorro marinade and grilled. Chicken || leg quarters Beef || flanken-cut short ribs Pork || spare ribs Vegetables || seasonal local selection Seafood || seasonal local selection
Select Two Sides for Main Entrée
Red Rice || white rice seasoned with the flavor and color of achotte’ (annatto seed) Guam-style Potato Salad || potato, egg, black olive, pimento, celery, relish, mayo Pancit || Canton noodles, carrots, celery, mushroom, cabbage, chicken, kamaboko, Chinese sausage, shrimp Ensaladan Kiukumba || cucumber, soy-vinegar dressing, wakame Linechen Gollai || seasonal grilled vegetables, spicy citrus coconut milk sauce
Select One Dessert
Latiya || chiffon cake, vanilla custard, coconut candy, cinnamon Cheesecake || New York-style cheesecake, fruit Mango Panna Cotta || an island twist on this classic dessert Tarte au Pomme || baked apple tart Boñelos Månglo' (Chamorro Typhoon Donuts) || light and airy deep-fried coconut milk doughnuts, fruit or chocolate sauce


Additional Appetizer, Side Dish, or Dessert
Additional Main Entrée
Signature Cocktail

Pacific Northwest Island Grill

Portland, Oregon

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