Biba! Food of Guam

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Banquet (20+ Guests)
chamorro, barbecue
Gluten Free
I definitely have my go-to dishes at fiestas on Guam. And as far back as I can remember, those dishes have always been Kelaguen & Barbecue. So here you go! This entirely gluten-free meal begins with a selection of three Kelaguens, each with their own distinctive flavors, served with grilled handmade corn Titiyas (tortilla). The main entrée features island style barbecue spareribs complete with red rice and fina'denne. For dessert, enjoy an island take on classic cheesecake. Come and celebrate life… Biba!

Menu detail

Kelaguen Mannok yan Titiyas Mai'es
cold chopped grilled chicken with grated coconut, green onions, onions, chili peppers, and lemon juice served with warm handmade corn tortillas
Kelaguen Kåtne
thin strips of beef cured in lemon, with onions and chili peppers, served cold
Kelaguen Uhang
Chamorro ceviche of shrimp, coconut, lemon, chili peppers and green onions
Tininon Katne yan Hineksa' Aga'ga'
grilled spareribs, cucumber salad, red rice with *fina'denne (tamari, lemon, onions, green onions and chili peppers) *Fina’dene’ is a balanced blend of flavors at the heart of our cuisine – the Chamorro sauce for almost everything.
Donne' Cheesecake
New York style cheesecake with a hint of spice, gluten-free shortbread crust served with fresh berry coulis


Take home Titiyas Mai'es (corn tortilla) 6ea.
Take home Kelaguen Månnok (chicken)
Take home Kelaguen Kåtne (beef)
Take home Kelaguen Uhang (shrimp)

Biba! Food of Guam

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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