eden Voss Gardens
Scotts Valley, CA


I like to cook what I grow. An organic gardener for over 40 years my cuisine centers around what I just picked. Fresh produce requires restraint to fully feature and complement its superior flavor. All my meals are not as lofty but a look in the larder will dictate what's for dinner. Since opening our Bnb we have offered meal options to our guests. The reviews speak for my cooking skills and flair for hospitality.(To see my listing, search Voss Gardens,Scotts Valley CA)
I supply seasonal greens to local healthy chefs and an arts cloony which employs Che Panisse trained professionals which has given me the opportunity to work in the kitchen as well. I have a long list of events I have catered, food booths I have run, and special foodie occasions I have hosted. My present home kitchen calls for guests.Tho not a a professional, I am honored to be called a good cook.