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Edgar HardenNEW MAKER!

London, UK


Edgar Harden studied art history and came to specialise in vintage spirits by a circuitous route. For ten years he worked at the Walters Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Art, the Louvre, the Getty, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Christie’s and Phillips before embarking on a solo career in 2002. At this moment he also began to work with fine and rare wine, having learned about them from his colleagues in the Wine Department at Christie’s New York. This inevitably led to contact with vintage spirits during cellar inventories and clearances and by 2009, vintage spirits had become his main focus over both antiques and wine. Since then he has focused more and more on vintage spirits, and now it is his main area of interest. The Old Spirits Company exhibits at bar shows in Europe, England and America, where Edgar can also sometime be found lecturing on various topics from within the as yet largely unexplored world of vintage spirits history.