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San Francisco, CA


I'm passionate about food, people, history, our amazingly diverse region, and how farming, chefs, and eateries have had a sweeping effect on the global food movement. I wanted to find a way to create real, delicious memories for food lovers and travelers to experience the best of San Francisco and the SF Bay Area.
When I travel, I want to know the best places to eat and explore the not-to-be-missed restaurants, markets, and unconventional eateries - and very often, it's the hidden gems not found in any guide book that are the most satisfying. This is why my knowledgable food industry guides and I share iconic foods, architectural landmarks, local lore and history, and the stories behind the chefs, growers, and innovators who make the Bay Area's culinary scene great.

People love being our guest on Edible Excursions tours. They often tell us it was the highlight of their trip, their social event, or their team building adventure. We love showing off our amazing cities - San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland - and we are proud to call the Bay Area home. We look forward to having the opportunity to share it all with you!

And personally, I can't live without good pizza and bagels. Ex-NYer, naturally. Tartine Bread always in the bread box at home and Costco hot dog is my guilty pleasure.

Lisa Rogovin, Founder, Edible Excursions