Ethiopian Cuisine Shiro wot, Collard greens and Injera - cook along with Eleni Woldeyes

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Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Learn to make the most popular everyday dish in Ethiopia - Ethiopian chickpea flour stew known as Shiro wot, cooked two different ways, using traditional spices. You will also learn to make Ethiopian collard greens with fresh seasonings along with Injera, an Ethiopian fermented flatbread. You will learn to create two versions of Shiro wot. The first Shiro dish uses chickpea flour blended with several spices and the second one is cooked in Turmeric sauce. The Shiro wot is slowly simmered to attain a creamy texture and dense flavor. The Ethiopian spices used in the recipes, Shiro flour, and frozen Injera will be mailed in advance. After signing up for the class you will receive a recipe, shopping list, and prep guide. You will also receive a zoom link for the event.

Menu detail

Ethiopian Veggie Platter
Misir Wot: Red Lentil Stew - Simmered in Berbere (Ethiopian chili blend) Atir Kik: Yellow Split Pea Stew cooked w/ Turmeric Sauce Fossolia: Green Beans & Carrots Stir Fry Injera - Ethiopian fermented Flat Bread made with Teff (gluten free grain)


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