Ethiopian Doro Wot, Collard Greens, and Ayeb

LivestreamPortland, OR


Gluten Free
Learn to make the most popular Ethiopian chicken stew known as Doro Wot, along with collard greens and Ayeb - Ethiopian cheese. In this virtual class, you will also learn to make Injera, an Ethiopian fermented flatbread. Doro wot is a dish prepared only on special occasions and holidays in Ethiopia. Onions and spices are slowly simmered with oil to make a delicious sauce for the chicken. Boiled eggs are added once the chicken stew is done simmering. The collard greens will have fresh and roasted spice seasonings. After signing up for the class, please email your address to receive the Ethiopian spices used in the recipes and Injera (4 smaller sized, frozen) The recipe, shopping list, and zoom link for the event will be emailed.