Omakase: A Sushi Experience.

In-Person Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown


Pop-up space
Available for purchase
Intimate (2-4 Guests)
"Omakase" is a traditional way of experiencing sushi - it means "chefs choice". I like to think of it more as being guided by the chef and the knowledge of his craft. This evening will be just that! I will be shopping for all the fish that morning which will allow us to enjoy the day's offerings in the most thoughtful way. This evening is intended to take time and be savored as every piece will introduce a new depth to our evening.

Menu detail

Asari Miso
Small Plate
steamed asari clams/ akadashi miso/ tokyo scallion/ sea kelp
Nigiri Sushi
Small Plate
All fish will be decided day of event based on the freshness and availability the sea provides. Thoughtfully prepared pieces of sushi seasoned to taste.
Market Fresh Sashimi
Small Plate
Perfectly sliced portions of that days freshest seafood, Preparations may vary based on the product i will be presenting.
Nigiri Sushi, Round 2.
Small Plate
In style of omakase i will just keep delivering the goods until we are blissful.
Assorted Maki, "Rolled Sushi"
Small Plate
I will create multiple rolls for all to enjoy family style, each with it's own flavor profile and presentation.
Market Fresh Sashimi, Round 2.
Small Plate
A second round of the freshest cuts available. Thoughtfully presented and served with its own dipping sauce.
Final Bites
Small Plate
Charbroiled eel/ avocado mousse/ eel sauce/ sesame. Tamago Yaki/ sweet rolled egg omelet/ warm sushi rice.
Assorted Mochi Ice Cream

Omakase: A Sushi Experience.

In-Person Arts District, Los Angeles Downtown
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