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Elisa Da Prato

New York, NY


Hello there! My name is Elisa Da Prato, I am a filmmaker and artist living in Brooklyn, and I have been cooking as long as I can remember.

My family is Italian and I grew up hopping back and forth from El Paso, Texas and the small Tuscan mountain town of Barga. I learned to cook from my grandmother at first, and then my parents, and various other family, many of whom have restaurants of their own.

To me, food is a way to share culture, history, experience, and love for our fellow human beings. Our culinary heritage expresses political histories, geographical subtleties and the personal quirks of different generations. As an artist, much of my work deals in the study of consciousness, philosophy, music and science. And to me there is a very strong correlation between that work and the art of cooking.

After years of wowing friends and family with my cooking and creations, I have also started to develop my own style of interpreting the Italian classics, and am excited to invite new people to partake in this joyous exchange.

Feel free to message me with any questions!