Farm to You: A Truly Seasonal Meal

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Get ready to cook the best of what's in season, wherever you are! This class will guide you through what to buy and cook to create an incredible meal using local ingredients. I'll share creative approaches to familiar dishes, tips for building flavors and more to make some memorable dinners for yourself, your friends and your family. ---- This FREE class is presented by Lexus. Check out the all new Lexus IS at

Menu detail

Hearty Winter Greens Salad with at least 2 Approaches
Collard Greens or Cabbage or Kale We'll walk through the different treatments for this hearty salad or appetizer.
Carrots and Dal
Small Plate
Roasted and raw with black eyed peas or mung beans or lentils with citrus, cumin, spice, and more!
Chopstick Noodles
Delicious handmade noodles packed with Sichuan flavors.