Los Angeles, CA


Don’t hesitate, put it in your mouth. Whatever she made you is good. Good as in delicious, good as “good for you”, a nurturing, loving spoonful of lip-smacking health. With a bright smile and wry humor, chef Elle Marquis crafts virtuosic taste combinations with the kind of grace and whimsy that looks easy, but this isn’t just delicious food, it’s delicious medicine. Starting in wellness and vegan food, chef Elle quickly concocted her own bakery and headed restaurants, taking time to study Chinese and herbal medicine alongside Western nutrition science, trekking the wilderness around Huejaquilla, Mexico learning native plant medicine with a grandmother shaman, aiding and abetting wellness and lifestyle chef Jason Wrobel, teaching kundalini yoga to adults and nutrition to children. Chef Elle makes nourishment in the deepest sense of the word, sustenance that’s sustaining and sustainable, food that can heal.