San Francisco, CA


First Class Cooking was founded in 2004 with a mission to make everyone a better home chef. We are based in San Francisco and host in-person and virtual cooking classes, workshops and celebrations that are developed to build confidence, share skills and have a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Our cuisine is produce-forward and makes use of the best-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients. We feature nutrient-dense ingredients and bold flavors, textures and appearance are always considered, and our 'healthy' eats satisfy and delight diners of all diets.

Emily believes everyone can learn to cook and that being able to cook goes beyond following a recipe to having a true understanding of kitchen chemistry, culinary technique and ingredients

Emily has a deep understanding of kitchen science, creates in consideration of ingredients from both a flavor and performance perspective, and holds a breadth of knowledge for diverse cuisines and traditions. Her recipes are produce-forward, seasonally-driven and use nutrition-dense ingredients in delicious preparations.

Outside of teaching, hosting and catering, Emily revels in using Food as a tool to Connect, Create & Explore. She works with boundry-breaking companies, artists and food scientists to reconsider and redefine our diets in consideration of culture and society; climate and the environment; and consumer preference.

Have a project that needs a chef? Drop a line to see if we can work together!