Hawaii: A Culinary Crossroads (Hawaiian-style Brunch w/ co-host Lanai Tabura from Cooking Hawaiian Style/Food Network and Live Music by Ukulenny)

Russian Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Available for purchase,BYOW
Banquet (20+ Guests)
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For this meal, we will dive into the rich history of Hawaiian-style cuisine. From 1852 to the present, Hawaii has encountered four major waves of immigration - each wave bringing new dishes and culinary influences to the islands. As sugar plantations imported labor across the Pacific from China, Japan, Korea, and The Philippines with the intent to diversify and divide plantation laborers, cultures converged. Hawaiian Pidgin (a creole language made up of Hawaiian, Japanese, English, Portuguese, and Cantonese) developed between laborers and new food emerged on the Hawaiian culinary landscape. Thus, we have the inspiration for our pop-up series – Hawaii: A Culinary Crossroads. My connection to Hawaii is deeply personal and spans back to my grandparents' migrating to Hawaii from the Philippines before and after World War II. Growing up, I spent nearly every summer with my grandparents in Hawaii. It was there I got my start in cooking by shadowing my grandparents in the kitchen. Under their wing, I learned to make traditional Filipino dishes from my grandparents’ provinces. During these summers I also developed tastes for local Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Native Hawaiian dishes from laulau, chicken katsu, to meat jhun, and to cold ginger chicken (just to name a few). I’ve spent my life making and personalizing these dishes, at first to eat, and then as the years went by, to share. We are honored to have Lanai Tabura as part of the event. As we present each course, he will be sharing the detailed history of the different cultural influences that the immigrants had on Hawaiian-style food. With this special pop-up series, we invite you to continue a tradition of sharing culture and memories at the dinner table. Please join us for a sentimental meal, libations, and great company. About Lanai ( Hailing from the tiny island of Lanai Hawaii, and a graduate of Lanai High School, this DJ, Comedian, TV host and Actor has done it all! Currently Lanai host’s Cooking Hawaiian Style in its 6th season, a tv show that airs in 7 countries on the Lifestyle Network, Direct TV and Time Warner Cable. Lanai is no stranger to international and local TV shows Food Networks Great Food Truck Race, co-host with Anthony Bourdain’s NO Reservations, Jake and the Fat Man, Da Braddah’s, Baywatch Hawaii, and commercials such as: Meadow Gold, Zippys, Hawaiian Tel Federal Credit Union and more. Most recently he played Jake in season 6 of Hawaii 5-0. He has been touring the mainland doing stand up comedy openings for Henry Kapono, Andy Bumatai, Augie Tulba, Wayne Brady and Damon Wayans to name a few. As a 25- year radio veteran, Lanai co-created the Island 98.5 radio station, and currently is on air in Tokyo and Fukuoka Japan. Live tunes provided by Lenny San Jose, aka Ukulenny, ( is a performer and educator based in the East Bay. Born and raised in San Diego, he rocked his guitar to the sounds of Green Day, Weezer, and Sublime at a young age. It wasn't until graduating with a music degree from UC Berkeley in 2008 that he decided to pick up the uke, and falling in love with the instrument, began teaching and posting covers on YouTube. His audience today currently includes over 65,000 subscribers worldwide, and he has performed at ukulele festivals, Filipino fiestas, college showcases, weddings, and other events throughout California, Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, Tennessee, and even in the Philippines. Aside from his solo career, he also plays with a jazz duo dubbed The Bob and Lenny Show, and with ukulele songstress Cynthia Lin. Teamed up with fellow YouTuber Cynthia Lin, he co-leads the SF Uke Jam, based in Japantown SF. Lenny also teaches group classes in Albany, and private lessons worldwide. Lenny is a sponsored Kala artist, so you can also check out his tutorials on the Kala Brand website. ( For more info, visit With this special brunch, we invite you to continue a tradition of sharing culture and memory at the dinner table. Please join us for a sentimental meal, libations, and great company.

Menu detail

Small Plate
The Filipino version of egg rolls. We'll be serving the following flavor with accompanying dipping sauces: - Chicken Shanghai- ground chicken and julienned vegetables.
Sangchu Geotjeori
Small Plate
Korean-style lettuce salad. Farmers market mix greens, soy/sesame vinaigrette.
Longanisa Hash
Longanisa (Filipino-style chicken sausage), sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, roasted cherry tomatoes. Topped with a sous vide slow-poached egg. Served with a side of garlic rice.
Egg Scramble
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and diced Asian eggplant and onions. Topped scallions and fried shallots. (Served family-style)
Shoyu Tamago
Small Plate
Japanese-style soy sauce eggs.
Portugese Sausage and Lap Cheong
Sauteed Portuguese and Chinese-style pork Sausage.
Adobo/Garlic Rice
Filipino-inspired rice dish infused with chicken stock, garlic, bay leaves, soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns.
Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast
Hawaiian sweet rolls soaked in a mixture of eggs, milk, and cinnamon, toasted in a frying pan. Served with sliced fruit, crushed macadamia, toasted coconut, and a coconut/maple syrup.


POG (Passion Orange Guava) Mimosa (glass)
POG (Passion Orange Guava) Mimosa (carafe)

Hawaii: A Culinary Crossroads (Hawaiian-style Brunch w/ co-host Lanai Tabura from Cooking Hawaiian Style/Food Network and Live Music by Ukulenny)

San Francisco, California

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