Arroz Caldo Bar: Custom Filipino Chicken Porridge

In-PersonMission, San Francisco


Banquet (20+ Guests)
Chicken arroz caldo is one of the ultimate comfort foods during cold weather. Arroz caldo literally translates to hot rice or rice stew/soup. This Filipino rice porridge is a representation of Philippine history as this dish is a combination of Spanish and Chinese influences. Though Spanish by name, it’s very similar to Chinese congee.

Menu detail

The Filipino version of egg rolls. We be serving the following 2 flavors with accompanying dipping sauces: 1) Chicken Shanghai: made with ground chicken and julienned vegetables. 2) Shrimp: Butterflied shrimp stuffed with a creamy herb-infused cheese spread, wrapped in a pastry shell then fried.
Thinly-sliced red/green cabbage, carrots, sliced radishes, with citrus, honey, and red wine vinaigrette. Crushed adobong mani (fried garlic peanuts), fried onions, and garlic/coconut croutons.
Arroz Caldo Bar
A bowl of savory Chicken and Rice Porridge that's similar to the Chinese congee, but seasoned with a homemade chicken stock, onion, garlic, ginger, and fish sauce. Each bowl will be topped with chopped scallions and greens and a sous vide soft-boiled egg. Veggies, Roasted tofu, pork belly, fried garlic are a few of the many toppings that will be available for you to customize your bowl. (Vegetarian option available made with a veggie stock)
Cassava Cake
Cake made with grated cassava (aka yucca root) and coconut milk. The cake will be topped with a thin custard layer and toasted coconut.


Cocktails (Lycheetini/Calamansi Whiskey Sour)

Arroz Caldo Bar: Custom Filipino Chicken Porridge

In-PersonMission, San Francisco
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