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Eric Roseman(4)
New York, NY


I was always told to sit at the dinner table and wait for the meal to magically show up from my mothers crock pot onto my plate. I would always suggest enhancements to the flavor but she never took the time to make the change or experiment away from what she was comfortable with.

Once I went off to college and left the nest I grew my culinary interests slowly by cooking the basics. After college I took up a gig cooking for 25 high school students who were traveling the west coast on an adventure trip. It was there that I learned mass food prep and efficient cooking. After that experience I moved to NYC and spent many of my meals slaving over the skillet and oven. I cook for large parties during weekend trips with friends and I have been known to incorporate a lot of fish, fruit and starches. I have a digestive disease that restricts my diet and that drives a lot of my culinary interests and trends. I cook a lot of healthy proteins and fats. I'm always open to suggestions though and can cook certain things specialized to your needs.