FunnyPeopleMakingFood LIVE! With Guest Kent Morita!

LivestreamBrooklyn, NY, USA


japanese, peruvian, seafood
Gluten Free, Paleo
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NEW LINK TO LIVESTREAM - For the first time, FunnyPeopleMaking Food, my food/comedy smashup series from YouTube, is going LIVE with our special guest, superfunnyguy KENT MORITA!! We'll be yucking it up in the FPMF home kitchen, and playing around with some raw and not-so-raw seafood to make CEVICHE!! We'll make a few different kinds, talk about life, cooking and comedy, and generally have fun while we chow on some sea critters.

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Ceviche is a marinated seafood dish from Peru. The fish and shellfish are "cooked" in lime juice, coconut milk, chilies and other tasty ingredients to make a spicy, tart and delicious combination of flavors and textures.