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Erin RosvoldNEW MAKER!

Portland, OR


Hi there! I’m Erin Rosvold, Chef/Owner of Now We’re Cookin!’ here in Portland. I’m the Mama to two active boys, a passionate culinary chameleon, fitness fanatic, and I LOVE to makeover, transform, and create recipes and freestyle food ideas into magical creations.

When composing dishes, I focus on nutrient-dense recipes using whole foods and I specialize in creating dishes with no added sugar, grains, or dairy.

When teaching classes and workshops, my personal mission is to inspire health and creativity in the kitchen, and to prove that anyone can prepare delicious food…and have fun doing it!

My background in cooking spans the better part of 25 years, from teaching high schoolers in Japan to vacationing travelers in Italy to a wide variety of classes, events, and workshops here in Portland for chefs of all ages. A personal hobby of mine is to be a student of global cuisine wherever my husband and I are travelling. We’ve had the chance to study in Thailand, New Orleans, Maui, and Portland, and I’ve studied and taught cooking in Southern China and in Tuscany as well.

My first ‘magical food creation memory’ was making rice crispy treats in Michigan with my Mom, Sandy, when I was 8. I haven’t stopped my quest to make more magical creations since then…and I hope you’ll join me in the kitchen soon for some fun!