Evan Garfield(88)
Brooklyn, NY, USA


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My name is Evan and I am a passionate home cook. Most of my time is spent working as a professional music therapist, which for me, means that I get to spend my days playing and improvising songs with pre-schoolers on the autism spectrum. I truly love my job and am deeply grateful for it.

I spend the rest of my time dreaming of food I'd like to be cooking and eating, and then inevitably, cooking and eating it. Over the past several years, my relationship with food has evolved from one of mere interest and intrigue to a sort of unyielding obsession. I didn't grow up in a food centric household per se, however, I was raised by two amazing parents, who above all, taught me to share. To be clear, they didn't so much explicitly 'teach' me to share, as much as they showed me by example, what true generosity looks and feels like. Whether it manifested as my mom's persistent hosting of every single family get-together, or as my dad's role as (volunteer) band leader for a community rock band at local children's orphanage, through their example, my parents instilled in me early on, the inherent joy in bringing people together. This is something I've carried with me my entire life, but it wasn't until my college years, that I began to discover the powerful role that food can play in all of this.

After a year-long stint in the campus dorms, I finally moved into a house (with a KITCHEN) with some of my close friends. I began to experiment here and there in the kitchen, and before I knew it I was whipping up large weekly meals for the twelve member afro-latin band that I played with over the course of the five years I spent Gainesville, Florida. As the band quickly evolved from a group of musicians into what felt like a second family for all of us, I started to really love these individuals I was spending all of my time with. And to my surprise really, this very special experience started to ignite something in me that was driving me, quite intuitively, to feed these folks who had become so important to me. And not surprisingly, hanging out, cooking, eating, and rehearsing with all of your closest friends each week was a total blast. I spent the following several years in Florida ferociously experimenting in my kitchen, dabbling in everything from cheese making, to bread baking, to culturing my own tempeh. My desire to cook and feed those around was now insatiable, to say the least.

By the time I left Florida in 2010 to head to NYC to pursue a career in Music Therapy, not only had I developed a deep love for making food, but had also acquired quite the line of kitchen gear. So, when I got to Brooklyn, I was ready to cook. Soon enough, myself and two other food-loving friends of mine in Brooklyn started, what we called 'The Brooklyn Supper Club' (bold name, I know, considering the plethora of highly legit supper clubs in the borough…but, what did we know?), hosted in my Williamsburg loft. This was really an opportunity for us to get to pretend to be chefs, as we'd meticulously plan menus, cooking schedules, and grocery shopping strategies. In the end we hosted about six of these dinners, all of which had somewhere between twenty and twenty-five guests. It was of course a total blast and an amazing learning experience. After a couple of years, Williamsburg kicked us out of our loft-space with its rising rent prices.

I now find myself tucked comfortably in Boerum Hill, and more eager to cook than ever before. I live with my very close friend Adam, who is a truly great person and talented designer (find his website linked below). The two of us got very lucky in finding the space we live in now, which exists in a very cozy enclave of old loft-style apartments. We were given a truly unique opportunity when upon moving into the space, the landlord gave us permission to do whatever we wanted to the place, as long as we didn't 'mess up the floors', as he put it. Naturally, we proceeded to tear the place apart, building our own rooms from the ground up, hanging new light fixtures, and totally renovating the kitchen: all of which we vowed to do on as much of a DIY budget as possible, salvaging free materials from curbs, dumpsters, and free craigslist posts. I was essentially able to design and build my own personal dream kitchen, and frankly, I've never been happier or more excited about cooking. Not to mention, the apartment has a private (all-brick) garage that we've air-conditioned and converted into a music performance space/dining room. I am so thrilled to create many more meals in my kitchen, and really hope to get the chance to share food and great conversation with all of you. Hope to meet you soon!


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